How to Choose the Right Style of Replacement Windows for Your Home

A well-chosen window installation elevates your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. A quality local contractor can help you choose the best style for your Commack home.

Combining simplicity with functionality, contemporary windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking to update their homes. Tempered windows shatter into harmless granules, making them a safer option for households with children or in accident-prone areas.


Whether it’s a simple double-hung window or a custom-cut arch in your master suite, new windows will increase the value of your home and enhance the aesthetic. However, it’s important to choose the right style for your home.

Energy-efficient options include double or triple pane windows. The extra pane acts as an insulator, helping to lower your energy bills. Look for argon or Krypton gas filled in between the glass for added performance. These windows are also more affordable than other styles.


Colonial houses prize symmetry, and the choice of window styles is one of the defining characteristics of the style. Featuring symmetrical patterns and small glass insets, these windows are perfect for homeowners who want to bring a classic touch to their home.

For this historic Commack home, a custom solution was needed to meet the specific needs of the window openings. Pella Architect Series products were the perfect fit, with a variety of shapes and sizes that successfully matched the original appearance.


Featuring an elegant aesthetic, Victorian windows are a popular choice for homeowners in Northport seeking to revive their vintage houses with classic style. They feature intricate designs and sophisticated patterns.

Colonial windows bring history home with symmetrical small glass panels that showcase America’s rich heritage. Their historical charm is a welcome addition to any home.

Tinted windows provide a balance between privacy and design. They are the ideal solution for areas of your house that need heightened privacy, such as bathrooms.


Whether welcoming the warm morning sun into your kitchen or framing the majestic view of the mountains in your living room, your windows play a pivotal role in narrating your home’s aesthetic and energy performance. And a quality replacement window installation will capitalize on this unique environment by optimizing light, ventilation and energy use across seasons.

A great option for Commack homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency is a triple-pane window, which has three panes with either argon or krypton gas sealed between them to act as an insulator. These windows save homeowners on average $215 per year in energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.


Achieve greater energy efficiency in your home with double-pane windows. These windows are insulated with argon or krypton, and help reduce your heating and cooling costs year-round.

Window tint reflects incoming sunlight and helps reduce heat, glare and UV rays. It also provides privacy while allowing natural light into the home.

Choose a contractor that prioritizes quality work and offers customizable options. A reputable company will offer a lifetime warranty on their products and services. Also, look for a local installer that has extensive experience working in your area.


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You can replace an existing window with any replacement window style, including double-hung windows, sliding windows and casements. However, some styles aren’t suitable for all openings. For example, a slider wouldn’t provide enough space for air ventilation or code-compliant emergency egress.


Decorative windows are a beautiful choice for Commack homeowners who want to add a bit of artistry to their home renovation. They are also safer than traditional windows because they shatter into harmless granules instead of breaking apart completely.

Energy efficiency is a priority for many homeowners, and triple-pane windows are an excellent choice. This style has three glass panes with either argon or Krypton gas sealed between them to act as an insulator.


There are several types of window glass available, each with specific capabilities and advantages. For instance, tempered glass is stronger and safer than standard panes. It’s also used in shower doors and the screens of smart phones. It is sometimes required by building codes in certain areas of a home.

Insulated glass has two or more glass panes separated by a spacer bar and filled with an inert gas like argon to improve energy efficiency. It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it reduces the transfer of heat from outdoors.