Casement Windows Tell a Story About Your Home

Your windows tell a story about your home, enhancing its aesthetics and energy efficiency. Choosing the right replacement windows requires expertise and experience.

Window installation professionals can help you choose the best window for your budget and home style. They can also advise on window customization options to suit your taste.

Double-Hung Windows

Decorative windows offer both artistry and functionality. They can transform spaces and add style to a home improvement project. They are also safe, as they are made from tempered glass that shatter into small granules, which minimizes the risk of injury.

Double hung windows have two operable sashes that slide vertically. They provide excellent ventilation and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes.

Choose a well-known brand to ensure you get a quality window that will last for years to come. The best brands typically offer industry-leading warranties on their products. They also have a wide range of options to fit any budget, including Energy Star rated windows.

Casement Windows

Unlike other window styles that have rails, muntins, and grilles to block natural light, casement windows allow it to flow freely into your living spaces. They also offer a sleek appearance and maximized glass area for an attractive aesthetic.

They open by pivoting outward with hinges on either side using a crank handle. This allows for optimum ventilation and is ideal in hard-to-reach areas, like behind kitchen counters.

They are available in wood, vinyl, and aluminum. They feature a multi-chambered sash and mainframe for superior energy efficiency, as well as ENERGY STAR-rated insulating glass options. These features can add up to significant savings on your energy bills.

Sliding Windows

With a slimline frame and maximized glass area, sliding windows provide a sleek look to any home. They also offer excellent ventilation options and unobstructed views.

These windows open by sliding on a track, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sliding window costs vary based on frame material, glass type, and hardware options. These factors can drive up installation prices. Additionally, some types of casement windows require multiple technicians for a safe and efficient installation. This can increase labor costs. The number of windows in a set will also affect your total cost.

Victorian Windows

Victorian windows are a popular choice for homeowners seeking to add a touch of history to their homes. These traditional replacement windows feature a simple, classic design that complements many different decor styles.

They are also energy-efficient, as their sash closes tightly with no gaps, which reduces drafts and heat loss. Additionally, they can be customized with muntins and grilles to enhance their aesthetic.

Double-hung windows are a good option for homeowners looking for the best of both worlds — timeless style and modern convenience. They operate in a similar fashion as sliding doors, but they are easier to clean and require less maintenance than casement windows.

Frosted Windows

Frosted windows balance privacy with design and provide a unique aesthetic. They’re ideal for homeowners who want to protect their interior from the harsh Commack sun while preserving the view outside.

They also eliminate sunlight glare while watching television, which makes them a popular choice for people who like to sit back and relax on the sofa all day. Unlike traditional windows, they don’t require regular cleaning or maintenance.

For customers who prefer a decorative touch but can’t afford frosted glass, we offer window film that has an etched or textured appearance. It’s easy to install and requires less maintenance than frosted windows.

Tinted Glass

For Commack homeowners who want to shield their interiors from the sun without drawing the curtains, tinted windows provide a perfect solution. They reduce glare and help conserve energy while offering unobstructed views.

Decorative windows combine artistry with functionality, providing a touch of style to any home improvement project. They also add a sense of elegance to homes, and are especially popular among those seeking window replacement in historic homes.

Energy efficiency is a top priority for many homeowners, and low-E glass is a great choice. It helps keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on your energy bills.