Door Styles For Every Home Style

Your front door is the first impression guests make of your home, so choose a style that matches your aesthetic and complements the rest of your house. From traditional to barn or farmhouse and beyond, these trends offer something for everyone.

Aside from boosting curb appeal, iron doors also provide a boost in security. Plus, they require minimal maintenance.


Quiet, family-friendly Commack NY is home to a lot of stately homes and elegant architecture. Iron doors are the ideal choice for complementing this style, combining strength and durability with a classic look that will add value to your property. Coated for weatherproof protection, these doors require minimal maintenance.

The style of your interior door sets the tone for the room’s overall design theme and aesthetic. Recessed panel door styles blend in well with contemporary designs, while cottage-style doors feature beadboard paneling and a charming, storybook feel. They also offer a sleek, minimalistic appeal that contrasts with more elaborate designs.


Craftsman front doors and interior doors have a cozy aesthetic, and the door style matches a variety of other home styles. They originated in the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century as a reaction to overly decorative Victorian homes and prioritize practical elegance and local natural materials.

A Craftsman door generally features a glass pane in the upper one-third portion, which is flanked by wooden panels. The wood paneling can be solid or crafted with a grid pattern, which allows for more natural light and accentuates the details of your front door.

Solid wood doors are a classic choice for Craftsman exterior doors, and they are available in a variety of species. Mahogany, oak and fir are popular choices for the door’s frame. However, you can also opt for a Masonite HD Hollister 2 panel exterior steel door to achieve the Craftsman look with less maintenance. You can also paint these doors with nature-inspired hues, such as deep navy blue or forest green.

Barn or Farmhouse

Designed originally for barns, these doors have gained popularity as a way to add rustic charm to interior spaces. They can be hung as room dividers or closet doors, and they are available in multiple designs and materials to suit any decor preference.

Sliding barn doors are ideal for tight spaces because they don’t require the extra floor space required by swinging doors. The doors lay flat against the wall and slide to either side, creating a more open feeling in rooms that would be blocked or impeded by a swinging door’s hinge.

Barn doors are also easy to open and close for small children or busy adults, making them a great option in high-traffic areas. They can be closed to provide privacy in bedrooms or bathrooms, or they can be left partially open to allow a comfortable flow from room to room. If privacy is a concern, opt for thicker wood or a woven door that helps absorb sound.


Unlike some other high-class trends that fade within a decade, arches are timeless. They add grace and flair to halls and doorways, transforming rooms into fascinating spaces. Arched doors can also complement modern home designs, with their clean lines and sleek appearance.

Mahogany common arch pairs soften the look of a square-top entryway, creating an inviting welcome into your home. This traditional style works well with a variety of architectural styles, from Mediterranean to Colonial.

In Feng Shui, rounded shapes such as arched passageways are said to support and encourage creative energy, while distributing weight evenly for a strong foundation. Feng Shui also recommends that doors with arches face toward the west (metal) or northwest (water).