Types of Entry Doors

Entry doors play a significant role in the overall safety of your home. The style and material you choose can help deter undesired visitors, providing a superior level of security that goes beyond locks alone.

Traditional styles made of wood resonate with homeowners, bringing a sense of elegance to the home. Their durable construction offers great insulation, allowing for reduced energy costs.

Door Types

There are a number of door types available when you choose to purchase a new home door. Each has unique advantages and features that help homeowners achieve their aesthetic, privacy and energy efficiency goals.

Wood doors are a popular option for homes with traditional designs, providing a warm and welcoming appearance. They also offer superior insulation, which is important given the extremes of New York’s seasons.

Glass-paneled doors allow natural light to flow into the entryway while creating a dramatic effect. These Pella front doors come with low-E insulating glass to provide protection from the cold and heat, helping to reduce utility bills. These doors also have a variety of obscured glass choices to ensure that privacy is maintained. They’re durable, affordable and virtually maintenance free.

Fiberglass Doors

Your entry door is the first thing guests see and sets the tone for your home’s style. Upgrading it can boost your property’s value, especially if you add features like deadbolts to improve security.

Therma-Tru fiberglass doors offer the best combination of beauty, performance and low maintenance. They come in a wide variety of designs, including sidelites and transoms.

Craftsman style doors are often embellished with dentil shelves along the bottom edge of the glass, providing a visual accent. This style of door is also popular for bungalow and transitional homes. These doors are energy efficient and durable, and feature wood grain textures to complement many styles of architecture. Therma-Tru also offers a line of smooth ready to paint fiberglass and steel doors that are painted in your choice of color.

Aluminum Doors

With an aluminum construction, these doors are durable and weatherproof. They also come with insulated cores to keep your home warm or cool as needed and reduce energy costs. They are available in a variety of styles to suit any aesthetic.

Wooden traditional door models resonate deeply with Commack homeowners, who appreciate their beauty and elegance. These doors are typically white and feature raised panels to complement traditional architecture. They can provide an air of sophistication to any dwelling, especially when combined with traditional window treatments.

For homeowners prioritizing security, iron doors are an excellent choice. These sturdy doors are coated to resist moisture and can be fitted with features like deadbolts to provide peace of mind for residents in Commack. They are often used for patio doors, as well.

Steel Doors

For Commack homeowners who prioritize security, steel doors are the perfect solution. Enhanced with deadbolts, these doors are the ultimate deterrent against unwanted guests in your home. They are also well insulated, boasting a thick polyurethane foam core and rolled steel door edges that prevent heat transfer.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass entry doors are incredibly energy efficient compared to wood. The polyurethane core, high-performance thermal window trim and ComforTech warm edge glazing system all work together to keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. All ProVia entry doors without glass meet ENERGY STAR standards and many with glass meet or exceed them.

Durable and low maintenance, these doors are ideal for homeowners who prefer a classic look. They can be combined with sidelites and transoms for a seamless aesthetic.

Custom Entry Doors

The front door of a home is what gives the first impression to guests. They want it to be welcoming, stylish and a reflection of the individuals who live inside. Glenview Haus offers custom entry doors that provide an aesthetic experience and heightened security measures.

They feature a heavy 22 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel with no wood edges, making them stronger than standard steel doors from hardware stores. They have state-of-the-art paint finishes formulated for maximum durability, UV protection and fade resistance.

The doors have a variety of glass options that affect the amount of light coming into your home. Frosted, etched, tinted and crested glass are available in your choice of colors. They also come with sidelites and transoms to add more visual appeal.