Energy Efficient Entry Doors Commack NY

The doors to your home say a lot about you and your family. They should be beautiful and functional, offering you security and energy efficiency without sacrificing your style.

Choosing the right doors can enhance your Commack NY property and add value to it. Whether you’re looking for a new entry door or a front door replacement, here are some things to consider.

Energy efficiency

When you replace old doors with energy efficient models, your home will be more comfortable and you’ll save on heating and cooling costs. Our technicians are familiar with installing doors that offer superior insulation, allowing you to lower your energy bills and enjoy increased comfort.

The insulating properties of your doors depend on the material and insulation used. Look for a door with the ENERGY STAR label and check its energy performance ratings and U-factor. You should choose a door with a low SHGC in climates that require cooling and a low U-factor in areas that need to be heated.

The most durable, energy-efficient doors are made of fiberglass with foam cores. Fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat and, when complemented with the right amount of insulation, its insulating power is unrivaled by other materials. You can also find metal entry doors that are highly durable and insulating, but they tend to be more costly than their fiberglass counterparts.